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  • Improve security market environment to establish a long-term
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  •   整顿betway必威体育平台市场环境 建立长期发展机制?

      Improve security market environment to establish a long-term development mechanism?


      Security guards as defenders of the people's immediate interests, must have a high sense of responsibility. Each Shanghai security should be to maintain the economic prosperity and social stability, and contribute an own strength. Shandong security company


      The security services management ordinance to formulate and implement, heralding the security industry of our country has entered a new stage of laws to, in the early stages of the regulations for, however, hard to avoid can appear some problems, including registration, examination and approval, some illegal events occur. Be badly in need of a big clean up security market.


      Recently, launched a long consolidation in security market, its purpose is to investigate the illegal ACTS of illegal business security services, in order to improve the Shanghai security market order, consistent, clear positioning in liability. Is this action will be carried out for so long, and since the enforcement of the security services management ordinance, the new problems in the security market new situation has close relationship, such as private security company's admission to the examination and approval, security personnel specification, etc., this also for the daily supervision smoothly the security industry in the future lay the foundation.


      Since the security services management ordinance to implement, not only in Shanghai, all over the country, according to their own actual situation to carry on the security market rectification work, in the fight against security violation behavior in service market is also achieved some results. How will the results of long-term retention is also a problem we need to consider. As long as the consolidation is over, those abuses will rise again. So, rectify the market is not a long-term solution, the key lies in how to maintenance.


      According to reports, in fact, in the security market irregularities, mostly in the form of an illegal enroll security personnel and the illegal business of security companies, the personnel structure of the complex, must establish the relevant management system for these workers.



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