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  • Qualified security processing way of the parking field quest
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  •  合格betway必威体育平台处理泊车场疑问的办法?

      Qualified security processing way of the parking field questions?


      Parking is usually things multiple locations, a qualified security guards should response to urgent status of the parking field attack. Jinan security company


      A, when the present situation of the parking field power, security guards blackout area and the specific situation shall be reported to management; If a power outage that cannot use entrance fee system, it should use the method of manual billing; Other standby power or urgent lighting method are used to make sure entrance and the brightness of the parking floor.


      Two, parking field presents the status of the fire, you should immediately tell fire base, and show a fire nature, specific to the fuel leakage, burned cars or artificially set, etc., and then make sure to do the crowds and vehicles have order dispersion of parking floor, and use the nearest fire equipment control the fire; Before not sure flames under specific conditions, can not blindly alarm, need alarm shall also go through above manager security staff resolution; Will remember to prevent looting.


      Three, if the status of the parking floor fight, should adhere to the calm, immediately offer computer; If be small fighting, a security guard to control the situation should come forward to stop fighting, if be massive warfare, let him wait for aid. In the process of both sides harmonious processing, ought to ask the specific situation, prevent illegal activists calculus.


      Four, when I meet an intoxicated person who commits, first to do let it far away from the vehicle, to prevent disturbance, superior, then statement to aid; Must be good control an intoxicated person who commits a mood and its mood, do not dispute with its attack.


      Five, when car knock against, should be on both sides of the issue or trouble drivers in trouble spot, tell the relevant personnel to handle, and request the parties to supply the relevant documents.



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