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  • Security must be cautious when performing a escort?
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      Security must be cautious when performing a escort?


      Security escort work is very common, sometimes like some money valuable materials and dangerous goods such as escort work also need security guards to do, jinan security services must have good quality to bear it.


      When making cash escort, the key is to do cash into the warehouse and the warehouse at the time of the alert. At this time should be as far as possible will escort cash vehicles close to at the gate of the warehouse, because it can effectively reduce the cash at the time of the outdoor environment. In addition, at the time of cash into the bank, there must be an armed security guards accompanying, and observe if there is a suspicious personnel within the business hall.


      Security in the process of escort carry guns, this isn't going down a peg or two, should pay attention to the use of guns. In the process of cash handling, security guards should always observe the surrounding environment, if you find someone to carry instruments, should immediately start insurance, ammo loaded, ready to play at any time. Of course, other people may be just passing by, something in his hand, not malicious. So security guards must not make aggressive behavior because of tension, such as conflict, etc., to bring irreparable damage. When faced with real gangsters, should first ensure the safety of cash and its contact with the police, do not heavily outnumbered in a case with people in organizations.


      Security escort in non-cash valuables, items should be complete seal, and concentration device, don't spread out the item. And eye-catching mark on the packaging. In addition the goods delivered to the consignee should confirm the consignee information is correct, and keep relevant records.


      In addition to the valuable goods, dangerous goods under escort is exquisite, the main point is to make the dangerous goods distribution center for away from people, far from easy to cause the abnormal happens to the environment. In addition must choose skilled drivers, because it can guarantee the smooth vehicles.



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