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  • Security professional talents to the compound direction in C
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  •   中国betway必威体育平台职业人才向复合型方向开展?

      Security professional talents to the compound direction in China?

      跟着经济开展,中国betway必威体育平台职业也在不断开展。现在国内betway必威体育平台职业人才部队首要包含特保部队、法警部队、技术防备部队、文艺表演部队等。 济南betway必威体育平台

      With economic development, China's security professional has been carried out. Now domestic security professional talent forces first contain safeguard unit, judicial police forces, technical guard against forces, art performance, etc. Jinan security

      联系现在中国betway必威体育平台形式与实践作业需要, 济南betway必威体育平台人员出现肯定年轻化。这既是一个肯定的优势,也存在必定的危险。假如这些从业人员假如在betway必威体育平台职业里没有大的开展或提高的时机,势必要脱离betway必威体育平台部队。举一个很简单的比如:一个二十岁的乡村青年不行能干到四十岁还当betway必威体育平台员,这种情况会跟年纪、家庭、社会等各方面要素有关,但不能扫除,跟一个betway必威体育平台员能否在公司中表现价值仍是有必定联系的。

      Contact now in China security form and practice operation needs, jinan security guards appear younger for sure. This is a definite advantage, there is also a must. If these employees if there are no big in security professional development or to improve the timing of must be from the security forces. For a very simple example: a rural youth, 20, is not able to forty years old when the security guard, this kind of situation will with age, family, society and so on various aspects factors related, but not eliminate, whether with a security officer has value is still in the company must be connected.


      Thus, retaining some expertise, professional security personnel is very necessary, appropriate to improve their positions and treatment, safely and have an incentive to a security officer job can have very good help. Companies, of course, can also according to the need to let them show their expertise, invented a greater benefit to the company. Such as, for those who be fond of professional computer repair and operation of staff training, set up special PC protection repair parts, is able to handle all company and affiliated institutions assignments as computer repair, maintenance and professional operation job; If will be cooking for some security officer and pastry, will be able to set up inside the snack bar, to network centralized security officer on duty and unconditional cooking in frequently more room, deal with diet, a line of security officer for the stability of the security forces will be bound to effect.


      For China security professional now, retain talent must be urgent and been fully mobilize and use of security forces personnel in all kinds of technology, assisted the security company to arrange again on a regular basis to deepen study and communication, stability will play a role to the security guard's thinking.



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