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  • Teach you the "five recruit" prevention into his house -
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  • Today, shandong blackstone security small make up to you to introduce the "five recruit" prevention into the house theft methods:

    1. The valuables open points

    If the deposit valuables at home in the circumstances, the best separating hide them away. Because in most of the house robbery cases, the perpetrators take away items in a very short period of time, if put valuables scattered, equal to reduce the risk.

    2. The technical security

    Under the condition of economy allows, can install technology anti-theft equipment. When someone is forced into the house, the information will be feedback to the security company, and take measures in time.

    3. Don't placed outside the spare key

    Some homeowners prefer to a mailbox on the key on the door or the door. When someone is forced into the house, but as he opened the door.

    4. The phone ringing

    Home under the condition of no one to hear phone ringing modulation outside the state.

    5. The door put a double male slippers

    I go out for a long time because of the circumstances, can ask friends to help take care of. Also can be put on a pair of male slippers at home.

    Finally, warn you, pay attention to the common security protection, responsible for his own life.


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