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  • Correct understanding of security professional dedication
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  • Security work, wuxi is the most basic security professional ethics, at the very least, the most common requirements. Love is to love their jobs, have deep love for their own work, dedication, is the extreme responsible attitude to treat their own work. That is to say, the core of professional requirement is serious, wholeheartedly, conscientious. I think as a security professionals, wuxi is a basic requirement for security officer, is the power of complete each work, work is the premise and condition, and is the inevitable requirement of security service.

    The basic, love and dedication is close and deep understanding of professional responsibility. Do not love the people, it is difficult to do work, therefore, no matter what kind of work, we should do a line, loves a line, do what all is responsible earnestly, painstakingly. Wuxi, time to work as the core, to the collective honor, learning business knowledge, lead the implement responsibility of the security forces, have no passion to work, certain comrades in their work without positioning, does not have its own plan, when a day monk bump a day clock, it's hard to do something.

    The spirit of loving work from the accumulated bit by bit. A wuxi to work for the general situation of security officer, also have deep understanding for security work. To take the training, though, boring, feel boring, but it can exercise skill ability, but also practice style, enhance the sense of responsibility and collective sense of honor. A wuxi security officer you will take their own responsibility and enterprise honor together, from the heart to recognize their own position is not only a job, the important thing is responsibility. As a security guard, if no one, how can act as one party the great trust of peace, how can play a role of auxiliary police, how can the customer to provide quality services?

    Therefore, security officer only form a strong sense of responsibility, wuxi, will exert more on-the-job one minute, is responsible for 60 seconds.

    To be truly wuxi is not a small matter. Wuxi is not empty talk, but a kind of spirit, which requires our foothold official duty, conscientious, steadfastness, before work bears the burden of responsibility, hardworking, not afraid of tired, do our work well.

    Love and dedication, is actually the manifestation of provides the high-quality service for the customer, especially in the enterprise services increasingly competitive today, etiquette courtesy of each security officer working ability put forward higher request, in our own post in addition to familiar with work and business skills, must set up the professional spirit of loving.

    Improve security officer, honor and status must start from the security guard itself, must love and dedication, good at learning, give full play to the working speciality, shift work style, improve the work efficiency. Wuxi as a specification, a kind of spirit, we should carry forward this spirit in the future work, make the thought belief and spontaneous actions, each of us security officer to make their own efforts to the development of the security work and contribution.


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