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  • Jinan security service industry market trends
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  • China's security industry from the planned system, private testing the waters, the government to undertake to market-oriented, like a roller coaster after several changes. Now go in and a new stage of market, and the international community.

    Promulgated in 2010 as you can see, the security services management ordinance of the national security industry gradually into the market, one of its main goal is to make the management and the transformation of the government law enforcement supervision of double identity. This is the system and mechanism innovation, and gradually towards standardization of social management of the trend of The Times.

    The security privatization, inevitably attract capital profits, and huge market of security industry in our country, also to the development of the new security service industry provides a rare opportunity. Allowed private capital to enter, increase in the number of security service company, also inevitably cause from aspects such as training, management, operation of benign competition. Some units to hire security guards in the past, do not sign the formal labor contract, rarely accept professional training, quality of service the lack of security... Many problems will be solved with security privatization. Era in the development, the crowd demands more attention to their own interests, to enjoy life, and life safety, security services company can meet the security demands of the masses to provide services in many areas, is on the big stage of time.

    But how to make security service industry as soon as possible to spring? The answer is must to the standardization of satisfaction, to occupy the market satisfaction. Social demand for security services, nothing more than work more specification, service more secure. As a security service industry, more must be at the service level. Efforts to strengthen training, let the team out and impressive, able to win, to change service concept, should not only attitude is good, should let customers see more advanced security services company. To establish the overall idea, cultivate healthy competition consciousness, in business than in high and low, is not a moment of the winning or losing.

    Due to security services company just testing the waters, to strengthen its supervision is very important. As the public security department will gradually by the management to the regulatory functions, is more advantageous to improve the regulation of credibility, but also to truly achieve "management office separation", and thus increase the level of specification of security industry and the service level.

    Future security service industry development, want to rely on the supervision of the relevant law enforcement, more want to rely on security service company in the industry. Although at present, the development of the security service industry also meet this or that kind of difficulty, but frozen period is over, the spring is coming, this time, the security service companies need to make a force, grind is quite a pretty, dawn is before him.

    Security service industry development, not only is the business of government and enterprise, also is the vital interests of every citizen. The masses for the industry's attention and respect, we should go forward with itself for the attention of the public security. Only the whole society pay enough attention to this industry, to accelerate the process of the development of the security service industry, promote the security industry towards standardization as soon as possible.


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