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  • Article 10 the ban security service
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  • 1, the ban on its own will, not subject to security service management regulations.

    2, prohibit the employees abuse, corporal punishment, suppress the reasonable requirements of employees and retaliation.

    3, it is prohibited to claim kinship to recognize qi, cliques, disunity.

    4, it is forbidden to use the functions and powers to the customer or the lower please play with, free to take, strong selling strong will.

    5, when the ban on duty to abuse, insult, oppressed spite people and clients' interests.

    On 6, ban work, practice favoritism, embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds, public property.

    7, prohibit kangaroo court, torture, fines, abuse and corporal punishment on the criminal suspect.

    8, barred from yellow, gambling, and the operation of the poison or ACTS as a protector.

    9, for enterprises, institutions or individuals are prohibited to chase, consuming and intervene in the economy dispute.

    10, ban on just that, to participate in all kinds of illegal and criminal activities.


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