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  • Resident security refers to the entrance guard, patrol, such as guardian, by setting up a concierge duty, image and GuDingGang, patrol duty, duty for intermediate positions, for the factory, school, community, office buildings, airports, railway stations and so on to provide long-term security services.



    Service content:

    1. Salute for newcomers and inquiries

    2. Register in and out of the staff and receive mail, etc

    3.  monitoring elevators, freight way inward and outward

    4. The guardian and inspect the important equipment, key areas

    5.  implement regional patrol

    6. The key holds and the management of open/close the door

    7. Manipulation of the control device, such as CCTV camera, infrared alarm, etc

    8.  inspection and maintenance of fire prevention facilities

    9.  vehicles management and maintain order


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